Union of Chambers and Commodity Exchanges of Turkey

Cosmetics and Cleaning Products Industry Council meets for first meeting of new year

25.02.2021 / 

The Union of Chambers and Commodity Exchanges of Turkey (TOBB) Turkey Cosmetics and Cleaning Products Industry Council was held via video conference with the participation of TOBB Board Member in charge of the Council Cengiz Günay, with the great interest of senior representatives of public, private sector and non-governmental organizations under the chairmanship of Council President Ahmet Pura.​

The meeting was attended by Prof.Dr.Tolga Karakan, Vice President of Medical Devices and Cosmetic Products of the Turkish Medicines and Medical Device Authority, Ferhat Güngör, Vice President of Audit Services, Head of Cosmetic Inspection Department Sibel Gürer, Cosmetic Products Department Head Yücel Dener, Medical Device Approved Installation and Clinical Research Department Head Dr. Asım Hocaoğlu, Deputy General Manager of Consumer Protection and Market Monitoring of the Ministry of Commerce Oğuz Şahin, Market Surveillance and Supervision Department Head Ozan Kaya, Head of Advertising Board Erdem Biçer, Ministry of Environment and Urbanization EIA, General Directorate of Permits and Audit Branch Manager Kaan Moralı, Ministry of Environment and Urbanization General Directorate of Environmental Management Zero Waste and Waste Processing Department

TOBB Board Member Cengiz Günay conveyed the greetings of TOBB President M. Rifat Hisarcıklıoğlu and stated that close monitoring of every problem of the cosmetic and cleaning products sector, which is of great importance for public health throughout the pandemic, was ensured.

Council President Ahmet Pura expressed his thanks to the Council Members who convened with a busy agenda and expressed with sensitivity that they are a sector which has done good work in cooperation with the Public.

Moldovan Ambassador to Ankara Dmitri Croitor, who attended the meeting as a guest, provided information Moldova-Turkey business opportunities and expanding on reasons to invest in Moldova. Referring to Moldova as a major market, Ambassador Croitor said they are open to cooperation between the 2 countries.

Members who evaluated the Draft Regulation on Cosmetic Products said that the Draft, which is one-to-one compatible with European Union legislation, was welcomed by the sector and that the cooperation with the sector made the stakeholders happy.

Councilors, who evaluated biocidal products legislation and practices, discussed Type1 and Type19 products. While the license-based analyses of all biocidal products were carried out according to the instructions on biocidal product analyses published by the General Directorate of Public Health and the authorized laboratories, members who said that the analysis to be carried out with the new Authority Approval published should be carried out according to these instructions, were united in the idea that the resulting implementation confusion should be clarified.

Councilors, who evaluated the Medical Device Sales, Advertising and Promotion Regulations, which is another important issue in the sector, evaluated the products that can be sold outside the sales center, the positive developments in Addendum-3, the issue of free samples, the guidelines, the sales and advertising provisions.

At the meeting, which also discussed legislation affecting the sector, statements were made about the product packaging regulation organized by the Ministry of Commerce, and the Regulation on the Classification, Labeling and Packaging of Substances and Mixtures was evaluated and its effects on the regulation on detergents were discussed.

At the meeting, information about the Environmental Label studies carried out by the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization, applications for Hand Washing Dishwashing Detergents Environmental Label were also evaluated with the Project to Determine National Environmental Label Criteria in the Personal Care and Cosmetic Products Sector.

Fatma Soyer, Branch Manager of Istanbul Mines and Metals Exporters' Associations, who was invited to the meeting, made a presentation about chemical technology center and shared the target, needs analysis and basic findings of the project and expectations about the sector with members in detail.

During a detailed presentation on the Industrial Sustainability Project in the Cosmetics and Cleaning Products Industry, Council Vice President Sibel Tüzün stated that the size of the global market is growing with the pandemic, that Turkey ranks 70th when looking at the 2020 Sustainability Target Index Scores, and that tomorrow's normal industrial sustainability has changed and importance.

Public representatives who were talking about the agenda items in question responded to the questions of the members and expressed their satisfaction with always working together to solve the problems.

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