Union of Chambers and Commodity Exchanges of Turkey

Panel on industrial design and creative impact organized in Bursa

29.03.2024 / 

The Union of Chambers and Commodity Exchanges of Türkiye (TOBB) Creative Industries Council organized the “Industrial Design and Creative Impact” panel in Bursa within the scope of Let's Talk Orange Events.​

Ali Ata Kavame, President of TOBB Türkiye Creative Industries Council, said in his speech at the opening of the panel at Bursa Chamber of Commerce and Industry that they came to the city to support the vision that BTSO Chairman İbrahim Burkay tried to bring to Bursa in terms of design and the leadership he put forward by finding a common ground with the industry and youth.

Emphasizing that there are a few cities in Türkiye in this sense, but Bursa has reached a very different place, Kavame emphasized that Türkiye is now in a position that shows leadership in the world for this sector.

BTSO President and TOBB Board Member İbrahim Burkay stated that one of the indispensable dynamics of development is to provide environments where creative ideas will develop and to reveal this ecosystem.

Stating that they hosted many delegations from abroad in Bursa, Burkay said: “The technologies in the world are very similar. In other words, the technologies used in Europe today, especially with the industrial revolution, the technologies used in our country and the technologies used in the Asia Pacific Region, where production and industry have shifted in the last 20 years, are almost identical. However, the values of the goods produced in these technologies, which are 10 dollars or 20 dollars in some regions, especially in the European Union, decrease by almost one third when we shift to the Asia Pacific Region. When we look at the question, ‘What makes this difference here?’ regions, countries and cities that represent the spirit of the work in industry and production, which we call design, R&D, innovation and branding, then they differentiate. It starts with creating the added value we mentioned. Our biggest expectation as a country is to realize projects that will create the ecosystem that is the most important source of creativity and differentiation.”

TOBB Türkiye Creative Industries Council Member and Chairman of the Let's Talk Orange Commission İsa Doğmuş stated that industrial design will be discussed in all aspects of the panel and that the problems, demands, supports and incentives of the private sector, sectoral and newcomers to the sector will be a road map.

Speakers including sector representatives Sertaç Ersayın, Aydın Öztoprak, Ömer Özdinç, Rengin Eren, Esat Fişek, Ömer Kocakuşak, Necmettin Şimşek, Leyla Cansu Cihaner, Osman Çınar and Gizem Dilan Özmen shared their views in the panel.

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