TOBB Turkish Patent and Trademark Representatives Assembly gathered at TOBB Headquarters in Ankara. ​


Union of Chambers and Commodity Exchanges of Turkey

Assembly of Patent and Trademark Representatives to issue a sectoral report

03.04.2011 / 

TOBB Turkish Patent and Trademark Representatives Assembly gathered at TOBB Headquarters in Ankara. ​

  During the meeting, it is decided to prepare a file on sectoral problems, occupational law, training and other agenda topics and to deliver it to relevant authorities while Chairman M. Kaan Dericioğlu stated that Turkish Patent and Trademark Representatives Assembly’s sectoral report inclunding data from 2008 – 2010 years have been completed. M. Kaan Dericioğlu, Chairman of the Assembly informed members about the activities that have been carried out since the previous meeting. Dericioğlu said that while performing the activities of the assembly they made work – sharing together with vice chairmen and gathered the subjects under ethic rules, regulation and training titles. Providing the information that assignment of an academic consultant for assembly which commenced a new work period, Dericioğlu reported that they presented views of the assembly in the study about “NICE Act” and in the meeting held at Turkish Patent Institute (TPI) and German judges also participated, which is about “inventions of workers”. In addition to this, Mr. Dericioğlu, Chairman of TOBB Turkish Patent and Trademark Representatives Assembly told that they made a presentation in the meeting on ethics held in Istanbul, presented their views before Turkish Design Consultant Council, made negotiations about technologic transfer offices and information licensing offices and provided participation to the meeting on industrial strategy documentation prepared by Ministry of Industry and Commerce. Mr. Dericioğlu also shared the information with the assembly members that an opinion regarding Draft Penal Code developed by Ayşe Akbaş-Member of Parliament, has been established as being a sectoral assembly, report prepared by sub – commission have been distributed to all members by providing participation to meetings of TGNA Justice Commission, a presentation on “Turkish Patent System” is made during the workshop organized by TAIEX and a verbal opinion has been presented for consultation meeting of TPI. Attorney Mesut Barkale, Vice President of the assembly stressed that there are gaps about the penalties to be executed against intellectual property crimes and as assembly, an opinion should be established for this issue.

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