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Nuclear energy brought to the table at TOBB

24.01.2018 / Ankara

TOBB Accountant Member of the Board Faik Yavuz said that they wanted to make up for the loss time for nuclear energy.​

Seminar themed “Quality Management System in Nuclear Sector, Standards and Nuclear Safety Culture” held at TOBB Twin Towers. Speaking at the opening of the seminar where Turkish firms gave information about product standards used in Sinop and other nuclear plant projects as well as specification required for suppliers and Japanese experts also gave information about integrated quality management in nuclear sector, TOBB Account Member of the Board Faik Yavuz underlined that nuclear technology was not a new technology. Yavuz said “But it is an endless technology that requires day by day improvement. Presently 450 nuclear reactor in 31 country provides 11% of worldwide electricity demand. In addition to that 60 reactor in 15 countries is under construction.


Particularly China, Russia and India many countries are planning to increase nuclear capacity in the next 15 years. We, as a country are running late in terms of this matter.”


Ankara Chamber of Industry (ASO) President Nurettin Özdebir stated that within the scope Advance Technology and Nuclear Training Centre Project which is to be planned to be formed under ASO coordinator, they meticulously exam the good practice references in the world and pay visits to relevant centres in industry leading countries.

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