Union of Chambers and Commodity Exchanges of Turkey

Organization Chart

  • Executive Board
  • President
  • Vice Presidents
  • Office of the Secretary General
    •    Special Advisors to President
    •   Advisors to Secretary General
    •   Executive Division of Presidency
    •   Permanent Representative at Brussels
    •   Representative at Istanbul
    •   Office of Legal Counsellor
    •   Inspectors
  • Press Office
    • Publications Division
  • Strategic Planning and Coordination Directorate
  • Protocol and Event Planning Division
  • Office of the Deputy Secretary General (Technical Affairs)
  • Department of Real Sector Research, Development and Implementation
    • Division of SME Research and Consultancy Center
    • Industry Division
    • Education and Quality Division
    • Economic Reporting and Statistics Division
    • Fiscal and Social Policies Division
  • Sectors and Entrepreneurship Department
    • Turkish Sector Assembly Division
    • Fairs Department
    • Insurance Division
    • Entrepreneurship Division
  • Chambers and Commodity Exchanges Department
    • Chambers Division
    • Commodity Exchanges Divisio
  • Office of the Deputy Secretary General (Foreign Economic Affairs)
  • Trade and TIR Department
    • TIR and ATA Carnets Division
  • Information Services Department
    • IT Division
    • Information Retrieval Division
    • Software Division
    • Turkish Trade Registry Gazette
  • Foreign Economic Relations Department
    • International Relations Division
    • Foreign Trade Division
  • European Union Department
    • EU Harmonization and Negotiation Division
    • EU Project Development and Monitoring Division
    • Division for Environment
  • Office of the Deputy Secretary General (Administrative and Fiscal Affairs)
  • Administrative Affairs Department
    • Procurement and Stock Management Division
    • Internal Services Division
    • Construction and Property Affairs Division
    • Fiscal Affairs Department
    • Accounting Division
    • Finance Division
    • Personnel Division
    • Affiliates Division

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