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What is Capacity Report?


The Capacity report is the document that shows the production capacity of the both public and private sector manufacturers and valid for 3 years since the date of approval.

In order to create the capacity report of the firm, the firm must be the member of the chamber and registered to the Turkish Trade Registration.

In addition to the contact information of the firm, capacity reports include the annual production capacity of the firm, raw materials used in production, machinery park and the information about empolyment and capital of the firm.


The Purpose of the Capacity Report


The Capacity Reports are made in order to determine the industrial production capacity and to provide information to the economic policy and strategic plans and programs.

The Legal Basis Of Capacity Report.

  • The date 28.05.1975, 7/9914 no. Decision of Council of Ministers
  • 5174 Law of  The Union of Chambers and Commodity Exchanges of Turkey (TOBB)
  • 6948 The Law of The Industrial Registration

The Capacity Reports are used for:

  • Investment Promotion Document
  • Inward processing permit
  • Applications for Industry Registration Certificate
  • Import and export operations
  • Official tenders
  • Credit assurance
  • Preperation of database industry.

The Capacity Report Automation System


According to the Industrial Capacity Report  Automation System, the products including in the capacity report are coded by the PRODCOM 2010 code system which is derived from NACE code system.


Thanks to the Industrial Capacity Report  Automation System, the paper and mail costs became lower and the operations takes less time than before.

Checking and Approving Capacity Reports

According to th law 5174, the Capacity Reports are checked and aprroved by the Union. Capacity Reports are the source of the Industrial database which is the only database that can generate the information about the industry in our country. The most important change comes with the automation system is to code the products, main production machines and main raw materials.

All the chambers in our country have been sending the capacity reports via Industry Capacity Automation System since August 2010.    

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