Union of Chambers and Commodity Exchanges of Turkey


  1. To research about the issues that improves the competetiveness of SME´s such as “finance”, Production and Quality Management”, “R&D, Inovasion”, “energy efficiency”, and “clustering”
  2. To organize meetings and conferences about some important issues for SMEs such as “finance”, Production and Quality Management”, “R&D, İnnovasion”, “Energy Efficiency”, and “Clustering”
  3. To participate both national and international meetings about SMEs, gathering the sectoral and regional data and obtaining information from these datas in order to create policy.
  4. To inform SMEs about legislative changes concerning their business activities.
  5. To research for increasing the  productivity of SMEs and for the solutions of problems that nationwide SMEs enconter.
  6. To participate in the projects about the SMEs that  TOBB carry out together with various organizations.
  7. To ensure the coordination of activities within the TOBB concerning  the Coordination Council of the İmprovement of the Investment Environment in Turkey (YOIKK)
  8.  To carry out the ongoing studies of SME Technical Comitee, R&D Technical Comitee and Corporate Governance Technical Comitee of  Coordination Council of the Improvement of the Investment Environment in Turkey (YOIKK) and to report the working group meetings within TOBB.
  9. To participate to the process of composing SME Strategy and Action Plan and carrying out the studies about the actions that TOBB is in charge of or related to.
  10.  To update and manage the KOBI Info web site (www.kobi.org.tr) which was set up according to the Prime Minister Circular.
  11. To inform the comitees from foreign countries about the general conditions of SMEs in Turkey and the activities of SME division.
  12. To follow the programmes and activities of European Union about SMEs such as Small Business Act, European SME Week, Enterprise Europe Network  etc.
  13.  To carry out the preperatory studies for the Executive Comitee meetings of KOSGEB, to ensure the participation due to the necessity and to follow the decisions made by the comitee.

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