Union of Chambers and Commodity Exchanges of Turkey

Durable Consumer Goods Council held its November meeting

30.11.2020 / 

The Union of Chambers and Commodity Exchanges of Turkey (TOBB) Turkey Durable Consumer Goods Council November meeting was held via video conference under the chairmanship of Council Vice President Onur Burak Özaydemir. Onur Burak Özaydemir opened the meeting by taking approval for the decisions and report taken at the previous meeting from council members.​

The proposals shared with the councilors prior to the 2021 business plan and the objectives meeting were presented and it was evaluated that work on 6 main topics could be planned as the basis for the development of the competitiveness of the sector in the 2021 Business Plan. Domestic Market Competitiveness, Supply Industry in a Changing Ecosystem, R&D Infrastructure & Labor Transformation, Data Economy/Software & Cybersecurity, Export Competitiveness, Energy & Environment & Circular Economy were the topics identified.

Within the scope of the meeting agenda, information about the economic outlook of the world and Turkey was first presented by Ahmet Çimoğlu, Economic Research Coordinator of Koç Holding.

Çimoğlu said that vaccine news, US election results, recovery signals in Far East countries support the markets and that agricultural commodity, oil and copper prices are on the rise with these positive signals. Çimoğlu said that since copper is an important input especially in electric vehicle components, it is expected that its price will increase with the further spread of electric vehicles.

Noting that foreign currency reserves are still at their lowest levels in 15 years, Çimoğlu said that although TL deposit rates have risen, investors prefer to stay in the dollar and foreign currency deposits have risen to their highest level (USD 228.2 billion) as of November 20th. Çimoğlu said that the real sector and consumer confidence index fell in November, driving currency movements, management change and the second wave stronger than the first. Çimoğlu said that automotive and home appliance sales remained strong in September/October, but the increase in interest rates affected housing sales the most negatively.

Ahmet Çelebi, Secretary General of the Association of Electronic Devices Manufacturers, also gave information about the agenda item of LCD TVs sold without TRT Seal. In order not to pay the 16% TRT Seal fee on the TV price, some companies separated the TV tuner from the screen and released the tv as a monitor under names like “Satellite Receiver LED,” “HD Ready Satellite Receiver LED Display” or “Dual LED,” while TRT Seal paid a 10% advantage over the satellite receiver, which costs a very low cost and is given as a gift with the TV, giving an unfair price advantage.

Regarding the final agenda item of the meeting, Arçelik Energy Manager Ömer Ünal shared his presentation on “Development of the National Energy Efficiency Financing Mechanism Proposal” with the council members. The National Energy Efficiency Action Plan Monitoring and Steering Board shared the information that the proposals were evaluated within the scope of the "Development of the National Energy Efficiency Financing Mechanism Proposal" workgroup, which was created for 12 months in accordance with the decision. He also said that he would convey the draft views of the members of the TOBB Durable Consumer Goods Council for the presentation on his current proposals at the next workgroup meeting.

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