Union of Chambers and Commodity Exchanges of Turkey

Mithat Yenigün elected Contractors Council Chair

05.05.2016 / Ankara

TOBB Turkey International Contractor Services Council convened in Ankara to discuss the issues of the sector and to elect the council board. Mithat Yenigün was elected Council Chair.​

Turkey Sectors and Entrepreneurship Department Director Ozan Acar gave the opening keynote of the meeting in which the various achievements of the Turkey Sector Councils since 2006 were recounted. Stating that no other structure as comprehensive as the sector councils exist in Turkey, Acar emphasized their contribution to preparation of legislation. Ozan Acar stated that the TOBB Turkey International Contractor Services Council has also achieved many successes in this field.

- Culture of partnership

Following Acar’s speech, the council conducted its election. By unanimous vote, Mithat Yenigün was elected as Chair of the TOBB Turkey International Contractor Services Council. Asphalt Contractors Association Chair Ayberk Özcan was elected as Vice-Chair.

Mithat Yenigün stressed the need for a culture of partnership in Turkish companies in order to compete on the international contracting market; combined power of companies could provide a leap forward and greater competitive power.

Also discussed during the meeting were subjects such as “issues in public tenders and legislative revision efforts,” “employee-employer disputes in contracting abroad,” and “Libya-Iraq Letters of Assurance Problems”.

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