Union of Chambers and Commodity Exchanges of Turkey

TOBB met with Minister Muş at the Turkey Sector Councils Consultation Meeting

13.07.2021 / Ankara

The Union of Chambers and Commodity Exchanges of Turkey (TOBB) President Rifat Hisarcıklıoğlu said that legal legislation on minimum wage support is still not complete, adding, “We expect this issue to end without further delay.”​

TOBB Turkey Sector Councils Consultation Meeting was held in TOBB Conference Hall with the participation of Trade Minister Mehmet Muş.

Hisarcıklıoğlu stated that the Sector Councils include the 40 largest companies in each sector and that there are representatives of public institutions related to that sector in each council.

Hisarcıklıoğlu stated in this way, the sector councils bring together the private sector and the public administration, and that the work of the heads of the sector councils and members ensures that the sectoral problems are solved.

Hisarcıklıoğlu stated that a comprehensive study has been carried out for the meeting for a week. “‎The most prominent problems in each sector and the proposals for solving them are put together‎. We will sort and communicate all of this to the relevant institutions on a per-case basis. I believe that with this valuable work of our friends, we will give new impetus to public-private cooperation and support the growth of the economy.”

Hisarcıklıoğlu listed some of their demands as follows: “The legal legislation on minimum wage support is still not completed and implementation has not started. We expect this matter to be concluded without further delay. In the trade register, branch registration expenses became more expensive than starting a new company and became a major financial burden. There's a need for lowering costs in this case. There are problems with the supply of raw materials. Export commitment closures and additional time for internal processing permits are needed, as the effects of the pandemic persist. Especially overtime wages in customs transactions have become an important expense and reflect very negatively on our exporters, an arrangement is required. For the EU Green Agreement, the public and private sectors work together to establish a common policy.”

- Minister Muş: “We believe that the current account deficit will fall off our country's agenda in the medium term”

Minister of Commerce Mehmet Muş pointed out that the meeting has contributed greatly to the country's economy in the past 15 years, and stated that they attach importance to consultation with representatives of the business world, especially TOBB members, in many of their studies and will continue this consultation in the future.

Stating that they aim to establish a fast, easy, bureaucratic burden-free, safe and sustainable trade environment in Turkey, Muş said, “Today I care very much to hear the opinions and suggestions of our sector representatives in order to turn the wheels faster in our economy and increase the added value produced.”

Explaining that the growth realized with the contribution of exports and investments will make it possible for future generations to live in a more prosperous country, Muş said that for many years, with growth in the country, one of the important agenda items is the issue of the current account deficit.

Noting that the current account deficit is significantly related to energy imports, Muş reminded that in this sense, very important discoveries were made in the Black Sea. “We anticipate that other good news will come in the coming period. We believe that the current account deficit will fall off our country's agenda in the medium term when we consider the growth supported by value-added exports and investments by bringing resources here into our economy. I hope that with the steps we have taken, you will see that Turkey will not have a current account deficit problem on the agenda of future generations. We will take this current account deficit issue off Turkey's agenda.”

Stating that Turkey's economy is fully integrated with the world, Muş stated that there is an economic structure in the country where trade is done reliably, quickly and easily.

Minister Muş emphasized that they attach great importance to the opinions and suggestions of the business world, “I, as Minister of Commerce, am ready to do everything I can to solve your problems. We identify the problems of which sectors one by one and take swift steps to solve them.”

Noting that they will be very sensitive in their incentives for production and exports, Muş said, “Our aim is to pave the way for our investors, entrepreneurs, to produce more, to exports more, to create more jobs and to create a productive Turkey. We will fight hand in hand, shoulder to shoulder with our business world to achieve this goal.”

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