Union of Chambers and Commodity Exchanges of Turkey

Supplier from EQ Zone Program

Supplier from EQ Zone Program

In order to expedite the recovery process and support businesses affected by the earthquakes centered in Kahramanmaraş, Hatay, and Malatya, the Union of Chambers and Commodity Exchanges of Turkiye (TOBB) has initiated the "Supplier fromEQ Zone". The program aims to facilitate large-scale enterprises nationwide in meeting their needs from the EQ zone.

As, TOBB, we provide support to large-scale enterprises that wish to source needs from the EQ zone. We bring together large-scale enterprises interested in purchasing from the earthquake region with businesses in the earthquake-affected areas interested in selling their products.

Finding Suppliers from TOBB Industrial Database

To participate in the program and fulfill their procurement needs from the earthquake region, large enterprises are required to fill out the form provided in the link below for pre-application. After the pre-application process, the information of supplier businesses located in the earthquake region will be shared with the applicant.

Application Link: https://anket.tobb.org.tr/#/anket/tdb

Online B2B Matching Platform

We aim to enhance the visibility of businesses in the earthquake region that seek to sell their products in other provinces and bring them together with enterprises operating in those provinces who wish to procure from the earthquake region. Supplier businesses in the earthquake region are required to apply. This way, large-scale enterprises from other provinces who have joined the system will be able to view the supplier businesses in the earthquake region.

Through the platform:

  • Suppliers operating in the earthquake region can enter their products/services.
  • Companies wishing to procure from the earthquake region can access the products/services offered by these suppliers.
  • Companies wishing to make purchases can publish their procurement requests.

Application: https://tobbdeprem.globalpiyasa.com

As part of the program, TOBB will provide the following services to large-scale enterprises:

  • Analysis of earthquake region businesses for large-scale enterprises operating in other provinces
  • Increased visibility for suppliers intending to sell to other provinces from the earthquake region
  • Identification of potential suppliers in the earthquake region that align with the needs of large-scale enterprises
  • Facilitation of connections between large-scale enterprises and potential suppliers in the earthquake region
  • Guidance services for suppliers lacking the qualifications required by large-scale enterprises
  • Guidance and training services for the corporate development of new suppliers

For detailed information and inquiries, please contact:

sanayi@tobb.org.tr, sektorler@tobb.org.tr, 0312 218 24 27, 0312 218 24 99

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