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Industry Council of Turkiye were established within the framework of Industry Council of Turkiye Incorporation, Duty and Working Directive based on TOBB Law (dated 18/05/2004 and numbered 5174), article 57 and conduct their activities through Industry Council of Turkiye Division.
Industry Council of Turkiye aim to foster sectoral policy making, ensure the formulation of sectoral interest and sectoral position and develop cooperation and collaboration between public and private sector. Industry Council of Turkiye also provide major benefits to our sectors and economy with its national and international character and its vision and strategy.
Operating and continuing their efforts with a growing momentum since 2006, Councils which represent sectors on behalf of TOBB, are an important meeting point which consist of public authorities, non-governmental organizations operating in the sector and leading firms as members. As of 2016, there are 59 Industry Council of Turkiye, designed as structures where economic sectors are put under spotlight with through dimensions, sectoral road maps are drawn.  Industry Council of Turkiye  also  provide a significant contribution to EU negotiation process including managing regulatory impact analysis.
1992  Sectoral Committees (36 Sectors)
2004  TOBB Law (No 5174)
2005  The Organization and Assignment of Industry Council of Turkiye Regulation
2006  Industry Council of Turkiye (52 Sectors)
2006-2017 Industry Council of Turkiye (59 Sectors)
Main Tasks of Industry Council of Turkiye
- Determine sectoral problems, develop suitable solutions and convey them to the related public authorities,
- Prepare sectoral reports,
- Develop sectoral strategies, policies and make projections,
- Organize symposium, panels etc.,
- Develop proposals for the competitiveness of the sector,
- Cooperate with international sectoral institutions,
- Negotiate with public authorities for the interest of private sector,
- Follow the international activities such as fairs, congress , seminars,
- Observe and examine the relevant laws and regulations to get favorable legislative results
Main Tasks of The Division of Industry Council of Turkiye
- Preparation for assembly meetings,
- Determination of the agenda of the assembly meetings with the coordination of Council members and the consultants,
- Organization of sectoral panels, seminars, congress, symposium etc.,
- Coordination of council members and TOBB Board Members,
- Invitation of public authorities and bureaucrats related to the agenda of the meeting,
- Announcement of council meeting, reporting and sending reports to the council members,
- Following up the memberships (applications, acceptance, invitation),
- Transmitting the reports and views of Councils to the related public authorities with the approval of TOBB Presidency,
- Announcing information about Councils and their works on the internet.
- Maximum 40 members
- Members elect President and Vice President
- Minimum 4 meetings per year in Ankara or in Istanbul
- Academic / expert consultants for each Council
- Sub-sectoral committees under the umbrella of the Council
- Council Meeting
- Sectoral views and strategies
- Turkiye Sectoral Economy Summit
- Economic and Social Evoulation Council (organization of private sector)
- Economic Coordination Council (organization of private sector)
- Fact-finding conference, panels, workshops
- Meeting with public authorities to solve the sectoral problems.
Industry Council of Turkiye Categories
-  Manufacturing
-  Service
-  IT
- Agriculture

The Division of Industry Council of Turkiye

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