Union of Chambers and Commodity Exchanges of Turkey

List of Industry Councils of Turkiye

  1. Turkish Agriculture Council
  2. Turkish Animal Husbandry Council
  3. Turkish Automotive Industry Council
  4. Turkish Automotive Parts and Components Industry Council
  5. Turkish Automotive Trading Council
  6. Turkish Beverage Industry Council
  7. Turkish Capital Market Council
  8. Turkish Casting Industry Council
  9. Turkish Cement and Cement Products Council
  10. Turkish Ceramic and Refractory Industry Council
  11. Turkish Chemical Industry Council
  12. Turkish Civil Aviation Council
  13. Turkish Climatization Council
  14. Turkish Clothing and Apparel Industry Council
  15. Turkish Construction Contractors Council
  16. Turkish Computer Hardware and Communication Technologies Council
  17. Turkish Computer Software Council
  18. Turkish Consumer Durables Council
  19. Turkish Cosmetics and Cleaning Products Industry Council
  20. Turkish Creative Industries Council
  21. Turkish Defense Industry Council
  22. Turkish E-Commerce Council
  23. Turkish Education Council
  24. Turkish Electronic Council
  25. Turkish Energy Council
  26. Turkish Fair Council
  27. Turkish Ferrous and Nonferrous Metals Council
  28. Turkish Food &Facilities Services
  29. Turkish Food Industry Council
  30. Turkish Forestry Products Council
  31. Turkish Free Trade Zones Council
  32. Turkish Furniture Products Council
  33. Turkish Glass and Glass Products Industry Council
  34. Turkish Glassware Council
  35. Turkish Health Care Services Council
  36. Turkish High Education Council
  37. Turkish Insurance Agents Council
  38. Turkish International Contracting Services Council
  39. Turkish Jewellery Industry Council
  40. Turkish Leather and Leather Products Industry Council
  41. Turkish Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) Council
  42. Turkish Machine and Equipment Manufacturing Council
  43. Turkish Marine Council
  44. Turkish Media and Communication Council
  45. Turkish Medical Council
  46. Turkish Mining Council
  47. Turkish Natural Gas Council
  48. Turkish Package Council
  49. Turkish Paper and Paper Products Industry Council
  50. Turkish Patent and Trademark Representatives Council
  51. Turkish Petrol and Petroleum Products Industry Council
  52. Turkish Pharmaceutical Industry Council
  53. Turkish Private Security Services Council
  54. Turkish Retail Trade Council
  55. Turkish Road Passenger Transport Council
  56. Turkish Soil Industry Products Council
  57. Turkish Telecommunication Council
  58. Turkısh Technical Consultancy Council
  59. Turkish Textile Industry Council
  60. Turkish Tourism Council
  61. Turkish Transportation and Logistics Council
  62. Turkish Travel Agencies and Tourist Guides Council
  63. Turkish Venture Capital Council
  64. Turkish Waste and Recycling Industry Council

The Division of Industry Council of Turkiye

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