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TOBB Mining Council visited Minister Eker

TOBB Turkey Mining Council visited the Food, Agriculture and Livestock Minister M. Mehdi Eker under the lead of Council President İsmet Kasapoğlu to relate the problems they encounter in the mining sector and suggest solutions.​ ​

UMEM Ability’10 Project has provided employment for over 27,000 in 10 months

Specialized Vocational Training Centers (UMEM) Ability’10 Project Executive Committee held its last meeting of 2011 in the TOBB Social Facilities Conference Hall in Ankara.​ ​

Certificate of origin and circulation sale and approval prices for 2012 determined

TOBB Board of Directors has determined the certificate of origin and circulation sale and approval prices for 2012.​ ​

Automatic fire extinguisher for busses suggested to be mandatory

A presentation regarding fires on busses was made during the TOBB Turkey Overland Passenger Transportation Council meeting.​ ​

TOBB provided EU Project management training to chambers and exchanges on a regional basis

The Union of Chambers and Commodity Exchanges of Turkey (TOBB) provided EU Project Management Training to chamber and exchange personnel. From October 20th to December 16th, 6 groups comprised from 146 Secretary Generals and personnel from 81 provinces were trained.​ ​

Thanks from TOBB to the French companies that reacted to the French government

The law titled “Anti-racism and punishment of the denial of legally recognized genocides” which makes even the discussion of the veracity of the alleged “Armenian genocide” has been passed on the 7th of December by the National Council’s Laws Commission and on the 22nd by the National Parliament.​ ​

The number of the newly established companies decreased by 18,95 % in November 2011 with respect to the previous month.

The number of the newly established companies, and sole proprietorships decreased by 18,95 %, 19,28 % respectively, while cooperatives increased by 25,42 % according to the previous month.​ ​

Private Security Services Council met to plot their course of action

TOBB Turkey Private Security Services Council met to discuss agenda, plot their course of action and settle on principles of work with Council President Hasan Gazi Gözer presiding.​ ​

Chambers and Commodity Exchanges in 5-star service race

The TOBB Chamber/Commodity Exchange Accreditation Board, aiming to better the quality of the service Chambers/Commodity Exchanges provide their members to that of the chamber standards in EU countries, meet in Istanbul on December 8th, 2011 with TOBB Board Vice President Halim Mete presiding the proceedings.​ ​

“Innovative Ankara Project Market” opened

Speaking at the opening of the “Innovative Ankara Project Market” event held in cooperation with the Ankara Development Agency and the Union of Chambers and Commodity Exchanges of Turkey (TOBB), TOBB Board Vice President Faik Yavur stated that the fact the event is being held in Ankara, nominally known as a public administration city, is indication that the industry in Turkey is headed to the right direction.​ ​

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