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Patent and Brand Delegates Council starts work on profession act

TOBB Turkey Patent and Brand Delegates Council members stated that the lack of a profession act for patent and brand delegates regulating discipline, behavioral rules and pricing is causing everyone to act on their own initiative, leading to unfair competition in the sector. Council members emphasized the need for a commission to form a profession act as soon as possible.

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According to Journey Authorization Permits and TIR Carnet Issued Statistics by TOBB;

During the June of 2011, there has been a decrease in the number of Journey Authorization by 6,82% and an increase in the number of TIR Carnets issued by 0,68%.​ ​

TOBB Turkey Small and Medium Sized Construction Contractors Council: Unfair competition in natural insulation materials must be prevented”

TOBB Turkey Small and Medium Sized Construction Contractors Council convened with Bekir Adıyaman presiding. Council members requesting that unfair competition in insulation materials be addressed stated that some products were not in the BEP-TR software, an important componentEnergy Performance in Buildings (BEP) Legislation, and that the BEP-TR was not performing up to par with requirements.​ ​

AB TIR Advance Declaration Seminar in Mersin

The Mersin Chamber of Commerce and Industry conducted a seminar on the 23rd of June, 2011 on the advance declaration, which has become mandatory for exports and imports in the EU, system provided free of charge by TIR-EPD.​ ​

TOBB ETU places first again among “Universities Established after 2000”

TOBB Economy and Technology University (TOBB ETU), placed first again in scientific success among the universities established after 2000. METU Informatics Institute’s URAP (University Ranking by Academic Performance) Laboratory’s announcement of “Universities’ Ranking According to Academic Performance” once again shows TOBB ETU as the first among its peers.
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Eyes turned to the angel investors from the USA

TOBB Turkey Venture Capital Council convened at the TOBB Istanbul Service Building. Announcing that the angel investors from the USA would be visiting Turkey in November as part of the Turkey Economy Politics Research Association’s (TEPAV) Global Entrepreneurship Program (GEP), the strategies for the joint activities planned were discussed.
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Road Transporters’ call for the removal of discriminatory practices

IRU (International Road Transport Union’s 6th biyearly Eurasia Road Transportation Conference was held on the 16th and 17th of June, 2011 in Tiflis. Attending the conference from Turkey were representatives from the Transportation Ministry and TOBB, as well as TEPAV, GTİ and UND.
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TIR Procedure Seminars held in Istanbul and Antakya

Organized by the cooperation of TOBB, Customs Undersecretariat and IRU (International Road Transport Union), the “The Operation of the TIR System, Carnet Holder’s Responsibilities, Customs Counselors Authorized for Customs Procedures, utilization of IT (SAFE-TIR, TIR EPD) Seminars” took place on the 20th and 22nd of June in Istanbul and on the 24th in Antakya.

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“Added value services” gaining importance in the informatics sector

The TOBB Turkey Computer and Communication Council President A. Mete Çakmacı emphasized the need for a strategic goal with which to unite the sector as much as the need for solutions to shared problems, stating the need for an action plan.
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Packaging Council forms committee for publicity

TOBB Turkey Packaging Council met with Council President Oktay Duran presiding at the TOBB Istanbul Service Building.

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