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TOBB Automotive Subsidiary Industry Council: Education should be integrated with the industry

TOBB Turkey Automotive Subsidiary Industry Council convened at the TOBB İstanbul Service Building with Ahmet Bayraktar presiding. Council members’ views on the sector’s 2023 vision were noted and a need for focusing on investing in the development of personnel was expressed.​ ​

Automotive Council expects reforms regarding renewed part imports

TOBB Turkey Automotive Commerce Council came together at the Union İstanbul Service Building under Yüksel Mermer. The council demanded legislative reform regarding the renewed part import permit granted by the Economy Ministry and clarification on the differences of renewed and used parts. It was decided that a preliminary study would be conducted before the demands are brought to the Ministry.​ ​

Tax shield for producers in red meat and livestock imports

Food and Control Deputy General Director Habib Can stating that circumstances make importing red meat and livestock necessary and that tax rates were calculated with the expenses of producers taken into account during the TOBB Turkey Livestock Council meeting. Can stated that the import tax rate which started at 30 has been raised to 45, 60 and finally to 75%. Habib Can stated that the tax rate on livestock kept for meat has been lowered to 15% from 30 and 0% in livestock fattening.​ ​

TOBB Turkey Pharmaceutical Industry Council discussed the sector’s problems

TOBB Turkey Pharmaceutical Industry Council convened at the TOBB Union Center in Ankara. During the meeting held with Council President Kaya Turgut presiding, it was stated that there was no budget exceeding in pharmaceuticals, rather the perception of it due to the new products which were added.​ ​

YOİKK will increase activities

TOBB Board of Directors Vice President Halim Mete, stating that the procedures and principles formulated through the investigation of proposals presented for consideration by various administration, institution and especially TOBB have been very useful, said that the YOİKK technical committees -numbering 10, down from 12- will be much more active.​ ​

The cosmetic and sanitation products sector requested that forces be marshaled against unrecorded economy

TOBB Turkey Cosmetic and Sanitation Products Council convened at the TOBB Union Center. During the meeting, Council President Ahmet Pura stated that the government and the sector should marshal their forces to combat unrecorded economy.​ ​

Air Conditioning promises 14 billion Dollars savings yearly

TOBB Air Conditioning Council visited the Minister of Environment and Urbanism, Erdoğan Bayraktar in his office and shared with him the troubles and expectations of the sector. Pointing out the matter of energy efficiency, council members stated that 14 billion Dollars of savings could be made yearly if reforms are made to the structures found in public, private and industrial residences.​ ​

End the oil no. 10 threat

TOBB Turkey Petroleum and Petroleum Products Industry Council made a joint announcement with the TOBB Turkey Land Route Passenger Transportation Council and Turkey Transportation and Logistics Council, demanding that urgent and strict measures be taken against the counterfeit and smuggled fuel activities conducted under the name of oil no. 10 which has cost lives, environmental pollution, unfair competition and loss of tax revenue totaling up to 5 billion TL in the last 3 years.​ ​

A prosperous future will manifest with a constitution that has a woman’s touch

The Women Entrepreneurs’ Council President and members met in Ankara at the Hilton Hotel for the gala dinner prior to the Constitution Citizen Meeting organized by the Constitution Platform.​ ​

Petroleum Council requested that the mandatory stock duration for gasoline and diesel fuel

TOBB Turkey Petroleum and Petroleum Products Industry Council meeting was held at the TOBB İstanbul Service Building with Council President Muammer Ekim presiding. During the meeting, the proposed changes to the #5015 Petroleum Market Legislation assessed while suggestions and views pertaining to the market activities regarding the oil no 10 were discussed.​ ​

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