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Building contractors object to the ‘concealed gain’ perception in jobs which extend over several years

TOBB Turkey Building Contracting Services Council President Erdal Eren stated that they do not approve of the way resources are utilized on projects that span years as concealed gain distribution while it is using company resources without waiting for allocation of profit at the end of an accounting period from the resources of the accounting period.​ ​

Praise for the customs organization from Mete

Attending the activities celebrating the 400th anniversary of the establishment of the diplomatic affairs between Turkey and Holland in addition to the World Customs Day at the Ankara Logistics Base in Kazan, TOBB Board Vice President Halim Mete praised the works of the customs organization.​ ​

Governor candidates visited TOBB

The 96th Term Governorship Training Governor Candidates visited TOBB. They were briefed on the works and structure of TOBB, hosted by the TOBB Secretary General Mustafa Saraçöz.​ ​

The Regulator Reform Strategy Workshop was held at TOBB

The Regulatory Reform Strategy was assessed at a workshop hosted by the Union of Chambers and Commodity Exchanges of Turkey. The strategy encompasses analysis of the positive and negative effects of public actions in certain fields and the passing on of the information to decision-makers.​ ​

Gökoğuz Autonomous Region Chair of the People’s Assembly Harlamenko visited TOBB

The Chair of the People’s Assembly of the Gökoğuz (Gagauzia) Autonomous Region, Anna Harlamenko and her accompanying delegation visited TOBB, meeting with the TOBB Secretary General Mustafa Saraçöz and the Deputy Secretary General Ali Emre Yurdakul. Drawing attention to the business and investment opportunities in Gagauzia, Harlamenko said that they view Turkey as a sibling and follow its example. Harlamenko said, “We have many things we would like to learn from you, many things we would like to consult with you. Gagauzia will develop thanks to the things we will learn from you.​ ​

Tunisia and Libya business worlds cooperate

The private sector delegation led by the Economy Minister, Zafer Çağlayan, held talks in Tunisia and Libya. During the talks, TOBB was represented by the TOBB Board Vice President Faik Yavuz.​ ​

Private security sector demands standards in electronic security systems

TOBB Turkey Private Security Services Council convened at the TOBB Istanbul Service Building to discuss issues of the sector. The Council President Hasan Gazi Özer bemoaned the lack of standards for electronic security services, saying, “The country has become a dump of electronic security systems. Legislation is required.”​ ​

TOBB Earthenware Industry Products Council visit Undersecretary Tıraş

TOBB Turkey Earthenware Industry Products Council visited the Environment and Urbanism Ministry Undersecretary Ercan Tıraş.​ ​

Petroleum Products Council discussed the secondary legislation

TOBB Turkey Petroleum and Petroleum Products Industry Council meeting was held at the TOBB Istanbul Service Building with Muammer Ekim presiding.​ ​

The number of the newly established companies increased by 24,59 % in December 2011 with respect to the previous month.

The number of the newly established companies, and sole proprietorships increased by 24,59 %, 42,53 % respectively, while cooperatives decreased by 5,41 % according to the previous month.​ ​

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