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TÜRKSOY Secretary General Kaseinov visited TOBB

International Turkish Culture Organization (TÜRKSOY) Secretary General Düsen Kaseinov and Deputy Secretary General Associate Prof. Fırat Purtaş visited TOBB and met with the TOBB Board member Harun Karacan.​ ​

Memorial forest of the TOBB Forest Products Council in Bolu

TOBB Turkey Forest Products Council planted a fledgling forest near the Yumrukaya Village of Bolu in cooperation with the Environment and Forests Ministry, named, “TOBB Turkey Forest Products Council Memorial Forest.”​ ​

TOBB Civil Aviation Council convened in İstanbul

TOBB Turkey Civil Aviation Council was held in İstanbul under Council President Şahabettin Bolukçu. During the meeting where the problems of the sector and possible solutions were discussed, council members’ views and suggestions regarding the “Civil Aviation Sector Report” were noted.​ ​

Venture Capital Council assessed the developments in the sector

Turkey Venture Capital Council held its first meeting of the year in İstanbul. Attending the meeting in addition to the venture capital fund directors were interested public and civil society organizations’ high level representatives.​ ​

Natural gas devices should be classified according to their gas usage

TOBB Turkey Natural Gas Council convened in Ankara with Council President İbrahim Akbal presiding over proceedings. Council members assessed the study by the Technical Sub-Committee regarding the technical problems and possible solutions in the natural gas market. It was expressed that natural gas devices should be classified according to their natural gas usage for the purposes of energy preservation and efficiency.​ ​

2012 Turkey Fairs Guide on mobile

The 2012 Turkey Fairs Guide prepared by the Union of Chambers and Commodity Exchanges of Turkey can now be accessed from cell phones, free of charge.​ ​

According to Journey Authorization Permits and TIR Carnet Issued Statistics by TOBB;

During the March of 2012, there has been a decrease in the number of Journey Authorization by 3.47% and a decrease in the number of TIR Carnets issued by 2.34%.​ ​

Travel agencies and guides urge for the spread out tourism

The TOBB Turkey Travel Agencies and Guides Council convened. Council President Başaran Ulusoy made the opening speech of the meeting which took place under Council Vice President Üstün Özbey’s supervision. The sector report prepared by the Council Consultant was assessed and ideas were exchanged regarding the problems of the sector and proposals for solutions to these.​ ​

Food safety regulations assessed at TOBB

Speaking at the meeting regarding food safety regulations held at TOBB, TOBB Board Vice President Faik Yavuz stated that the two products which have had their price increase the most in international markets is milk and beef and said, “Agriculture and livestock are not only sources subsistence but also great profit. This is the reason the first items discussed on international trade agreements are agricultural and livestock goods.”​ ​

TOBB Product Safety Training conducted in İstanbul

The Product Safety Training coordinated by the Union of Chambers and Commodity Exchanges of Turkey was held in İstanbul, hosted by the İstanbul Chamber of Industry. There was significant interest in the Electronic Equipment and Energy Efficiency training from the members of the İstanbul Chamber of Industry.​ ​

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