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Training seminar in regards to SEVESO II inspections held at TOBB

The training seminar in regards to the pilot inspections by the Labor and Social Security Ministry which will take place in 2014 for “Regulations for the Prevention of Large Industrial Accidents and Minimizing Their Effects” published in line with the SEVESO II Directive was held in cooperation with Labor and Social Security Ministry and TOBB took place at the TOBB Conference Hall on the 26th of February, 2014.​

Yavuz: “It is everyone’s priority to have uninterrupted access to energy”

The 3rd TEPAV – BP Energy Forum on the South Gas Corridor Project was held with the attendances of the Energy and Natural Resources Minister Taner Yıldız, TOBB Board and Presidential Council Member Faik Yavuz, British European Union Minister David Lidington and BP Regional President Gordon Birrell.​

Yavuz: “We support every step to strengthen our cooperation with the Gulf Region”

Speaking at the DEİK Turkish-Qatari Business Council, TOBB Board and Presidential Council Member Faik Yavuz said, “In line with our strong integration policy with our region as the Turkish business world, we put great emphasis on our relations with the Gulf Region. We support every step to strengthen our cooperation with the Gulf Region.”​

11th Term Chamber/Exchange Accreditation Training held at TOBB

As a part of the Chamber/Exchange Accreditation System efforts, the 11th Term Accreditation process was attended by 29 Chambers/Exchanges at the Union of Chambers and Commodity Exchanges of Turkey.​

Yavuz: If we do not wish to miss out on the future, we must generate policy according to important global changes

The “Outlook on Turkey’s Economy at the Beginning of 2014, Developments, Expectations and Risks” meeting was held at the TOBB University of Economy and Technology.​

Insurance Training Certificate Ceremony held in Antalya as a part of the UMEM Ability’10 Project

The certificates of the attendees who successfully completed the courses on, “Individual Retirement Intermediary,” “Agency Technical Personnel,” “Overlock Machinist,” held in Antalya as part of the UMEM Ability’10 Project were presented to them during a ceremony attended by the TOBB Board Vice President Çetin Osman Budak.​

ISO 17025 lab accreditation briefing held

The briefing meeting in regards to ISO 17025 Laboratory Accreditation certification, held for the commodity exchanges which have established their laboratories, took place at TOBB Twin Towers with the attendance of 150 personnel from 75 exchanges which have laboratories.​

The number of the newly established companies increased by 35,09% in January 2014 with respect to previous month.

The number of the newly established companies, cooperatives and sole proprietorships increased by 35,09%, 103,57% and 205,52% respectively according to the previous month.​

TOBB commissions and councils have completed their distribution of tasks

Regulatory Commission, Request Review Commission, Economic Report Review Commission, the European Union Compliance Commission, Tax Commission, Foreign Affairs Commission, Press Release Commission, the Economic Policy Committee, Construction and Contracting Services Board, the Livestock Committee, Agriculture Committee, SME Policies Board, the Tourism Board Vocational Education Committee and the Board of Social Policy have conducted their first meetings, electing their presidents, vice presidents, speakers and rapporteurs.​

Basic Quality Training ongoing at TOBB

TOBB has begun Basic Quality Training for 144 chambers/exchanges which had not previously started their accreditation process.​

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