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Rıdvan Kartal elected President of the TOBB Disciplinary Council

İMEAK Maritime Trade Chamber Board Member Rıdvan Kartal was elected Council President during the High Disciplinary Council Meeting on Saturday, May 14, 2011.​ ​

Hakan Güldağ elected for TOBB Turkey Media and Communication Assembly President

The TOBB Turkey Media and Communication Assembly meeting, attended by TOBB Board of Administrator Member Harun Karacan, was held in order to elect a president and vice-president. The election results show Dünya Gazette Publications Director Hakan Güldağ as president and Turkey Gazetteers Community Deputy President Vahap Munyar as vice-president.
​ ​

TOBB Affiliated Commissions convened

Working under the Union of Chambers and Commodity Exchanges of Turkey (TOBB), Vocational Education, Social Policies, Agriculture and Tourism Commissions held meetings prior to the 66th General Assembly in the TOBB Union Center.​ ​

TOBB held 3 panel discussions during LDCs Conference

TOBB held three panel discussions during the Business Forum for The Fourth United Nations Conference on Least Developed Countries (LDCs) between the 9th and 13th of May, 2011.​ ​

İlker Dinçer wins first place in TOBB ETU Entrepreneurship Competition

“The Entrepreneurship Competition” held by TOBB ETU among 11th and 12th grade high school students has been concluded. Mersin Science High School 12th grader İlker Dinçer won first place with his “Smart canvas with rain sensor” project.​ ​

Turkish Female Leader award to Aynur Bektaş

“Women Building Bridges to Solutions in the 21st Century” themed 21st Global Women’s Summit, dubbed “Women’s Davos”, came together with over a thousand women from various countries in Istanbul in May 5-7, 2011. Each year, the summit brings together woman politicians and high-level directors of companies and CSOs.​ ​

Petroleum, LPG and chemical sector boards notified of environmental legislation

Turkey Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) Board, Turkey Petroleum and Petroleum Products Industrial Board and Turkey Chemicals Board gathered in TOBB Social Facilities to be briefed by the authorities about “Environmentally Tasked and Environment Consultation Firms Legislation” and “e-Environment Permits and Licenses Legislation”. Ministry of Environment and Forestry Inspection Department Head Halil İbrahim Yörübulut and Permit and Inspection Department Head Yalçın Karaca briefed the board members as well as taking questions.​ ​

TOBB Turkey Education Board: “The sector needs to change its mindset”

The third meeting of the year for TOBB Turkey Education Board took place in Ankara TOBB Social Facilities Conference Hall. The Board Members called for a change of mindset in the sector and stated that developments and changes must be closely observed.​ ​

Entrepreneurship Capital Board will speak “a common tongue”

TOBB Turkey Entrepreneurship Capital Board arrived at a consensus to clearly define a terminology for the sector, to create “a common tongue” for sector representatives in order to reach “a common understanding”.​ ​

Beceri’10 Project UMEM Course Administrations meet at TOBB

Course Administers in charge of regionally implementing Specialized Occupational Education Centers (UMEM) for the Beceri’10 Project, came together TOBB Union Center in Ankara in order to assess the project’s implementations and discuss ways to enhance the performance of the project.​ ​

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