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According to Journey Authorization Permits and TIR Carnet Issued Statistics by TOBB;

During the October of 2012, there has been a decrease in the number of Journey Authorization Permits by 11.38% and a decrease in the number of TIR Carnets issued by 3.52%. ​ ​

EİT TSO Transportation Committee convened: “Abolish bureaucratic obstacles”

The Economic Cooperation Organization (EİT) Chamber of Commerce and Industry (TSO) Transportation Committee meeting took place at the TOBB Union Center.​ ​

EİT TSO Arbitration Committee convened: “The goal is sustainable development”

The Economic Cooperation Organization (EİT) Chamber of Commerce and Industry (TSO) Arbitration Committee meeting took place at the TOBB Union Center. Gümüşhane Chamber of Commerce and Industry President İsmail Akçay attended the meeting representing TOBB as Committee Member. Akçay stated that removing obstacles which negatively impact trade in the region aims to liberate trade and ensure the sustainable development of the ECO Region.​ ​

EİT TSO Tourism Committee convened: “We are ready to share our experiences”

The Economic Cooperation Organization (EİT) Chamber of Commerce and Industry (TSO) Tourism Committee meeting was held at the TOBB Union Center.​ ​

Mining Council visited the Economy Ministry

A TOBB Turkey Mining Council delegation, lead by the Council President İsmet Kasapoğlu and including Council Vice President Ergun Tuncer and various council members, visited the Economy Ministry Deputy Minister Mustafa Sever. ​ ​

Private Security Council assesses problems regarding indemnity insurance

TOBB Turkey Private Security Council convened under Council President Hasan Gazi Özer at the TOBB İstanbul Service Building. Discussing the problems of the sector and possible solutions, the council assessed the problems the sector has been experiencing with Indemnity Insurance.​ ​

Label warning to food producers

Food, Agriculture and Livestock Ministry authorities warned food producers to refrain from using incorrect or difficult to understand labeling in food products. TOBB Turkey Food Industry Council and TOBB Turkey Beverage Industry Council convened at the TOBB Union Center in Ankara under Council Presidents Feyhan Yaşar and Necdet Buzbaş. Also attending the meeting was TOBB Turkey Agriculture Council President Güngör Şarman.​ ​

YOİKK Guidance Committee held its 45th meeting at TOBB

The YOİKK Guidance Committee meeting was held with the Economy Ministry Undersecretary Ahmet Yakıcı presiding over proceedings on the 19th of November, 2012 at the TOBB Social Facilities. Attending the meeting in addition to the high level representatives of public institutions and organizations were Secretary Generals of TOBB, TÜSİAD, YASED and TİM as representatives of the private sector.​ ​

The number of the newly established companies increased by 12,53% in September 2012 with respect to previous month

The number of the newly established companies and sole proprietorships increased by 12,53 and %5,72 respectively while cooperatives decreased by 11,11 according to the previous month.​ ​

Transportation and Logistics Council discussed the developments in the sector.

TOBB Turkey Transportation and Logistics Council President Çetin Nuhoğlu and Vice President Arif Badur assessed the developments concerning the sector during the “Sector Councils” program moderated by Prof. Dr. Kerem Alkin and Ali Çağatay on the Bloomberg HT channel.​ ​

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