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Trainees who found employment via UMEM received their certificates

As part of the UMEM Ability’10 project, ran with the cooperation of the Union of Chambers and Commodity Exchanges of Turkey, Labor and Social Security Ministry, Turkey Employment Institution General Directorate, National Education Ministry and the TOBB University of Economy and Technology, the trainees who found employment after successfully completing their courses in chamber member establishments received their certificates with ceremony.​ ​

TOBB Turkey Agriculture Assembly met in Ankara

TOBB Turkey Agriculture Assembly convened under Turkey Agriculture Assembly President Güngör Şarman with the attendances of TOBB Board Member Mustafa Yardımcı and the Food, Agriculture and Livestock Ministry Deputy Director General Ahmet Kavak and TOBB Agriculture Council.​ ​

According to Journey Authorization Permits and TIR Carnet Issued Statistics by TOBB;

During the January of 2012, there has been a decrease in the number of Journey Authorization by 11.13% and a decrease in the number of TIR Carnets issued by 2.84%.​ ​

Air conditioning sector to establish its own faculty

TOBB Turkey Air Conditioning Council will pioneer the establishment of the Air Conditioning Faculty. Council President Zeki Poyraz emphasized that the establishment of an air conditioning faculty should be given due importance. Praising the development of the sector, Poyraz stated that they have completed the organization process and said, “All public administration offices and politicians are on our side. We are just beginning; we will need to achieve many more successes.”​ ​

Employment and vocational training discussed

Employment and Vocational Training Empowerment Action Plan (İMEİGEP) Monitoring and Assessment Council held its 2011 Action Assessment Meeting at the Labor and Social Security Ministry.​ ​

Logisticians search for alternatives in reaching target markets

TOBB Turkey Transportation and Logistics Council and the Transportation, Seafaring and Communication Ministry joint meeting was held in Istanbul. Speaking at the meeting the TOBB Turkey Transportation and Logistics Council President Çetin Nuhoğlu stated that in order to take a greater share of the international trade and attract investments we need to integrate with the international transportation corridors. Nuhoğlu stated that this would be possible through creating alternatives to international transportation corridors enabling access to target markets.​ ​

Agricultural goods increasing current deficit

TOBB Agriculture Council met under Emin Demirci at the TOBB Union Center. Making the opening speech of the meeting, Council President Emin Demirci stated that the importance of the agriculture sector has increased in the recent years and as a result, concerns regarding the future of the sector and food have been increasingly on the agenda.​ ​

UMEM Ability’10 Executive Committee discussed the Vocational Orientation Battery

The Specialized Vocational Training Centers Project (UMEM) Ability’10 Project Executive Committee held its meeting at the TOBB Union Center.​ ​

Turkish-UAE Business Forum held in Dubai

Speaking at the Turkish – United Arab Emirates (UAE), TOBB Board Vice President Faik Yavuz emphasized that we should have a larger share of the 16 trillion Dollars world trade volume and said, “We must make our region the center of commerce, prosperity and peace. In order to accomplish this we must rapidly develop the bonds of friendship and trade cooperation between us.”​ ​

Yavuz: The Gulf Cooperation Council should sign a free trade agreement as soon as possible

Meeting with the United Arab Emirates (UAE) Foreign Trade Minister Lubna Al Qassimi, TOBB Board Vice President Faik Yavuz emphasized the need for the signing of a free trade agreement, saying that the volume of trade between the Gulf Countries and Turkey is 10 billion Dollars.​ ​

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