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Sayfa İçeriği
“Speculation rumors regarding iron and steel prices are groundless”

TOBB Turkey Ferrous and Non-Ferrous Metals Council convened at TOBB to discuss the current issues of the sector. The main discussion of the meeting was regarding the developments in construction iron prices, Council President Veysel Yayan stated that speculation rumors regarding iron and steel prices are groundless and that the truth has been proven with documensts.​ ​

Erol Yücel elected to the Maritime Council Presidency

TOBB Turkey Maritime Council Presidency elections were held. Erol Yücel, owner of the Martı Maritime Business Administration Corp., was elected to the President of the Turkey Maritime Council with Mersin Maritime Commerce Chamber Vice President Jozef Atat, Turkey Ship Construction Industrialists Union Board President Murat Kıran and Borders and Coats Deputy General Director Ömer Koçak elected to Vice Presidents.​ ​

TOBB ETU Students at the Young Entrepreneurship Summit

TOBB ETU International Entrepreneurship Department and a group of students from the International Entrepreneurship Club attended the Young Entrepreneurs Summit held in Istanbul as a part of the 2nd Global Entrepreneurship Summit.​ ​

The Natural Gas Council requested that the private sector renew BOTAŞ’ expired import contracts

TOBB Turkey Natural Gas Council convened to assess the regulations subcommittee’s Natural Gas Market Legislation number 4646. TOBB Turkey Natural Gas Council President İbrahim Akbal, stating that the views voiced by the Council reflect general market demands, said that they would focus on perpetuating liberal market structure without concessions, import freedom, gradually lowering of BOTAŞ’ market share and its disassembly.​ ​

The Global Entrepreneurship Monitor Turkey 2010 Report has been announced

​The Global Entrepreneurship Monitor (GEM) Turkey 2010 Report, prepared by the Yeditepe faculty member Asst. Prof. Emine Esra Karadeniz under TOBB sponsorship, has been introduced during the Global Entrepreneurship Summit. ​

According to the TOBB International Overland Transportation Statistics;

In November of 2011, with respect to the November of the previous year, an increase of 7.63% in pass documents and a 5.44% increase in TIR Carnets.​ ​

Turkish and Arab press met in Media Forum

210 press members from Turkey and 23 countries of the Arab League met in the Turk-Arab Media Forum held in Istanbul.​ ​

EBSO in Azerbaijan

The Aegean Region Industry Chamber and is crowning the solidarity connection between the Aegean and the Caspian with economic relations. The business and assessment visit to Azerbaijan is also in gratitude for the 5 bn dollar Star Refinery investment, the construction of which has started on the Petkim Peninsula, and will herald the way for new economic relations between the cities of Baku and İzmir which have been sister cities since 1985.​ ​

Commerce bridge built between Vietnam and Manisa

  The 38 businessmen who traveled to Vietnam and Cambodia, organized by the Manisa Chamber of Commerce and Industry, were greeted with great interest at Ho Chi Minh City. ​ ​

UMEM Ability’10 Executive Council Meeting hosted by TOBB

As part of the Specialized Vocational Training Centers (UMEM) Ability’10 Project, the first Executive Council Meeting under TOBB presidency was held on November 30, 2011 with TOBB Secretary General Mustafa Saraçöz presiding at the TOBB Şekif Tokat Meeting Hall.​ ​

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